Technical Due Diligence

Technical Support to the Investment Decision

Our team’s knowledge and experience of the commercial and technical management of vessels provides a reliable and trustworthy platform for the provision of technical due diligence on behalf of groups who finance or underwrite the purchase of vessels or fleets.

Our experience of managing repairs, conversion and newbuild projects positions us to be able to accurately advise on the technical aspects of those projects and the suitability of facilities that are proposed for those projects. Whether a client needs a simple vessel inspection or a detailed company technical due diligence report, our team can meet their needs and produce on time, first time.

We have recently undertaken the following projects :

  • On behalf of PE investors buying a company we surveyed nine vessels and created a bespoke point scoring system so that the PE company could subsequently monitor degradation of the vessels.
  • We performed due diligence on a cruise ship fleet and arranged for the revenue streams to be validated as a part of a proposed acquisition.
  • On behalf of investors we conducted a review of a nine ships fleet, its vendor OPEX and CAPEX assumptions and conducted physical inspections of the vendor fleet and its management.
  • We have been retained by an investor to assess the feasibility of a selected a yard under consideration for a mega yacht build with a remit is to advise if the yard has the capability to complete the build within the agreed time and to the agreed standard.
  • Technical due diligence

    We undertake technical due diligence studies on behalf of private equity and debt financiers in support of the purchase of vessels, fleets, companies, newbuilds and sale/leaseback options covering analysis of OPEX and CAPEX assumptions, management capabilities and performance, condition of hardware and uplift requirements, regulatory and compliance reviews, forward technology assessments and long term capitalisation needs.

  • Project feasibility

    Our team provides advice to project financiers covering initial studies and the pre-FEED risk assessment to confirm the feasibility and robustness of project concepts for newbuilds, conversions or major repairs with the aim of providing technical assurance to financiers prior to and during the project

  • Technical risk assessment

    Our team’s technical risk assessments include review of specifications, review of vendors and their capabilities, contract and tender review/comparison and technical input to financial models with analysis of CAPEX and OPEX assumptions, with the aim of ensuring that project risk can be understood and fully mitigated.

  • Project Assurance

    We provide assurance services that include milestone reviews, planning , scheduling and critical path assurance and ongoing technical support during the project lifespan through to delivery.

  • Post-acquisition support

    We can support private equity or debt financiers post- acquisition by ensuring that guarantee work is performed adequately in the case of a project or by providing technical support to the financier post-acquisition in the form of management support or superintendency support, in addition to acting as technical advisor as new technology is acquired and deployed on the investment.

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