Marine Casualty Investigations

Rapid Response to Marine Incidents Worldwide


Our surveyors have been involved in all types of serious investigations and high profile casualties and are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any marine casualty, worldwide, 24 hours a day. We can assist with salvage operations and determine cause and extent, assist in mitigating the loss, collect evidence and provide expert advice to shipowners, operators and underwriters.

We provide our clients with rapid and cost effective support for marine casualties from the early stages, with salvage support services and on-site surveys, through the evidence gathering process, investigation and analysis to expert advice and appearance as expert witnesses in litigation. We have an extensive history in marine casualty response and through our worldwide network we provide timely attendance and advice for a broad range of marine casualties and complex cases.

Our team have a wide range of in depth practical experience supported by advanced analytical and forensic capabilities to assist in control of the situation, loss prevention and subsequent investigation. And in addition, our global network enables us to react quickly to new instructions and promptly attend a casualty whenever and wherever it occurs.

The main areas of our work in marine casualty investigations are:

  • Salvage operations and wreck removal (Acting as Special Casualty Representative SCR)

    Salvage operations have played a major part in The Salvage Associations history, our surveyors have attended many high and low profile salvage cases around the world over the last 150 years. Today Braemar SA continue to play a leading role in protecting the interests of Hull & Machinery insurers and P&I clubs in salvage situations.

    Braemar SA have a number of Special Casualty Representatives (SCR’s) available.

    For a dedicated contact call +44(0) 203 142 4350

  • Collisions, groundings and fixed object damages

    Braemar SA have extensive experience in dealing with vessel collisions, allisions, fixed objects damage and groundings for both Hull & Machinery and P&I insurers.

  • Cargo damages and cargo recovery

    Braemar SA carry out surveys and investigations of bulk, break bulk, palletised and containerised cargo in support of claims both for damage and quality / quantity disputes.

  • Hull & Machinery damages

    Braemar SA have and continue to be the leading survey company in the field of Hull & Machinery damage investigation. Typical H&M surveys include damage to; main and auxiliary engines, turbochargers, boilers, gear boxes and clutches, alternators and switch boards, thrusters and pods, as well as collisions, groundings, fire damage, propeller, rudder and shafting damage

  • Pollution advice / management and post casualty clean-up

    Braemar SA have extensive experience in dealing with major pollution incidents including the management of the post casualty shoreside cleanup operation.

  • Technical investigation and forensic analysis

    Braemar SA surveyors are able to carry out investigations into the cause of casualties using sophisticated simulation programmes and through the analysis of all relevant vessel, meterological, sea state and casualty site data, including VDR.

  • Expert reports and evidence

    When attending a casualty Braemar SA surveyors gather relevant information and evidence that maybe required in support of potential litigation and disputes. Our expert reports are suitable for presentation to the courts or tribunals.

  • Naval architects to support salvage operations

    Our naval architects have extensive experience in the provision of calculations and structural analysis in support of salvage operations.

  • Naval architecture assessment for wreck removal

    Our naval architects have extensive experience in the provision of calculations and structural analysis in support of wreck removal operations.

  • Expert advice and review of claims

    Braemar SA can provide desktop analysis of casualty reports and claims for Hull & Machinery and P&I insurers.