Project Cargo for Oil Seed Extraction Plant in Ukraine

Project Cargo for Oil Seed Extraction Plant in Ukraine

Braemar (Incorporating The Salvage Association), (“Braemar SA”), has recently played a key role in the shipment of Project Cargo for a new oil seed extraction plant currently being constructed in Ukraine.

TCase Study - Europa Crown 1 Project Cargo for Oil Seed Extraction[4]he shipping of the Project Cargo was arranged and managed by our sister company, Cory Logistics.

Appointed as Marine Warranty Surveyors by Underwriters, Braemar SA assisted the engineering and design contractors in solving a number of potential issues in the shipment of a 12m diameter out-of-gauge extraction unit weighting 132 tonne which had to be transported between Malaysia and Ukraine.  In order to support the delicate operating mechanism forming part of the extractor unit we advised on the design of a transport frame which supported the unit during construction and provided a means of safely transporting the unit by barge, sea and road.

Transport plans, seafastening calculations, heavy lift calculations and trailer stability calculations were reviewed and approved by our team of Naval Architects and Engineers based in London. Project management and engineering document review was undertaken by our London Head Office and attendances were coordinated with our local offices for the load-outs in Malaysia and the off-loading and delivery to site in Ukraine.

Our local Marine Warranty Surveyor attended at the fabricators facility near Port Kelang, Malaysia, for the load-out of the extractor unit onto a barge, the tow of the laden barge to the nearby Port of Kelang and the transhipment of the unit onto a heavy lift vessel.  This was followed by inspection and approval of the stowage arranCase Study - Europa Crown Project Cargo for Oil Seed Extraction[4]gements and the seafastenings of the extraction unit together with a further 20 items of project cargo which formed part of the shipment.

On arrival in Ukraine, one of our Marine Warranty Surveyors was in attendance to witness the unloading of the extraction unit from the heavy lift ship onto temporary supports on the quay, the transfer of the unit onto a self propelled hydraulic transporter and the delivery of the unit to the set down area in the adjacent construction site.  The road movement of the extractor unit included climbing a 10% incline and negotiating a number of obstacles including street furniture, railings and a foot bridge.  At the request of the Assured, our Surveyor remained in attendance for the off-loading and delivery of the remaining items of project cargo.

At the request of Underwriters Braemar SA also witnessed the shipment of project cargo from China to Ukraine. Again, project management was undertaken by our London Head Office with attendances coordinated with our local offices for the load-outs in China and the off-loading and delivery to site in Ukraine. Braemar SA Surveyors attended in Shanghai, China, for the load-out, stowage and securing of a 32m out-of gauge conditioning unit which weighed 120 tonne. The conditioning unit was delivered by barge alongside the heavy lift ship where our Surveyor reviewed the lifting plan for transhipping the load from the barge to the vessel’s cargo hold. Following the successful transhipment operation, our Surveyor checked and approved the seafastening arrangements for the passage from Shanghai to Ukraine.

One of our Surveyors was in attendance for the load-in in Ukraine to confirm the safe arrivaeuropa crown 3l of the conditioning unit and witness the off-load operation. The lifting plan for the discharge of the load was approved by our Surveyor who also inspected the heavy haulage trailer being used to move the unit from the quay to the construction site. Following delivery to the construction site, the Assured requested that our Surveyor remain to witness the tandem lift of the conditioning unit from the heavy haulage trailer onto the installation plinths.

The load-in operations in Ukraine where undertaken during a period of political uncertainty within the country which resulted in some of the preferred heavy lift equipment being impounded within the conflict zone. Our Surveyors worked closely with Cory Logistics, their appointed local agents and the heavy lift contractors to inspect and approve alternative equipment at short notice so as to ensure safe delivery of the critical items and project cargo to site.

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